Based on your requirements we can quickly and effeciently ensure the international and national transport. Our logistisc system is based on full capacity utilization, flexible manner, time and cost saving. With us you can count that your shipment will be delivered “ JUST IN TIME “ . Satisfaction of our client and express shipments equipment is our priority. We participate insolving from small projects to long – term cooperation with major trading partners.



We operate troughout Europe. The whole coure of transport is monitored with GPS system, so we can provide iformations abouth the right position of your shipment. We offer our customers also have the option to store long or short their goods in our warehouses to export to the destination. We have many years of experience in transportation and logistics, providing you with expert advice and choose the fastest and most efficient solution.



Our fleet truck is ready to release is the best service according to our clients. Trucks regular repair and renewal. Currently own truck 100 m3 and 120 m3, which meet environmental standards EURO 6.  We keep trucks in perfect condition, so we can deliver your shipment to your satisfaction.